Hi, I'm Bowen. You could call me an "artist" only in the sense that I'm a person who feels an urgent and fundamental need to create stuff. To produce form and meaning from the heap of images, sounds, reflections, feelings, words, and ideas in my head. To speak back to the beauty and tension surrounding me every day.

My personal imperative has an indispensable second half: to uplift and care for people and contribute to a more compassionate, peaceful, and just world. I'm embarking on what I see as a much larger creative project than solely making music, one I hope will eventually include more artistic mediums, collaborations, and a tangible, real-world impact. How I'll do it, and where it will it lead, I don't have the privilege of fully knowing, but I invite you to follow the journey.

What you'll find in my music and lyrics so far is a message at once tender and challenging, compassionate and critical. You'll find a sound, voice, and ideal that is passionate, sincere, introspective, and yeah, a bit idealistic. You may also hear how my high-minded visions are fragmented by anxiety and depression, the challenges and ambiguities of daily experience, and disillusionment with entering modern adult life. The results, I believe, are (and will continue to be) quite interesting. Thank you for listening.



Before releasing my first single, "Your Arms Are My Walls," in January 2015, I wrote, recorded, and performed music with great friends, in a variety of settings, for over 10 years. Here's a glimpse.