Hello band! This page is home base for all the material and info I need to share with you for our show at Rockwood Music Hall 7pm, Friday May 6.

The Band

Drums | Dan Muhlenberg. Drummer for Teen Girl Scientist Monthly. Talented and versatile drummer.

Bass | Eddie Kuspiel. Bassist for Color Tongue. Got some serious bass chops. Also my neighbor.

Cello | Josef Sauer. Grew up playing cello, and is getting reacquainted for this show. Also also my neighbor.

Violin | Either the most excellent Joshua Coyne or a friend of a friend . . . I'm working on it. If you know a violist . . .

Vocals | Amanda Wallace. Singer, actress, and performer in a wide variety of projects. We sang in choir together in college.

Vocals | Hannah Tasker. Singer and guitarist who I've made sweet, sweet harmonies with for several years.

Vocals and Guitar | Me. Just amped to play with everyone on this list.

I invited you all to a Facebook group where you can cyber-meet each other and we can all communicate as a group.

Our Timeline

Starting Now

Two immediate goals. First, please fill out this Doodle Poll to help me figure out the best two rehearsal times for all of us. There's enough of us that I'm turning to technology to help me figure this out. Second, please check out the descriptions of the show and the songs further down on this page, and use the demo tracks and chord/lyric sheets at the bottom of this page to start familiarizing yourself with the songs.

Next Two Weeks

I'm going to reach out to each one of you guys to hopefully meet one-on-one to collaborate on your part. That way you have a clear idea of what you're doing on each song before we bring it all together. Hopefully in the two full rehearsals we can focus mostly on getting it all to fit together and vibe just right.

Last Two Weeks in April/First Week in May

In this three-week window I'd like to rehearse twice with all of us together. We'll hopefully be able to rehearse at Eddie's band's (Thanks, Eddie!) shared rehearsal space in Bushwick. If it's not available at any time that works for us, I'll find one to rent.

7pm Friday, May 6 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1

This is our show!

About the Show

This is my first full-length official show in NYC. I've been wanting to play Stage 1 at Rockwood Music Hall for a couple years now, so this is a little dream come true for me.  While I have a bunch of newer material in the works for the future (one single coming out soon!), I've chosen to make this a concept show centering on a collection of songs I wrote almost 3 years ago in the fall of 2013. These songs are not where I'm at with my writing and recording now--but I want to give them at least one moment to be heard in their full scope. This show may be the only time those old songs will get to be heard in real life by people (including me) the way they have echoed in my head for years, and so thank you SO much for helping me bring these tunes to life.

I've got 9 songs here total. I'm planning for us to learn them all, but I'm expecting we'll have time for 8 at Rockwood. One song is in case we run fast and need to fill more time, and inversely I'll have an ordered list of which songs we're cutting if we need to.

Song Overviews and Demos

These overviews and demos will hopefully give you a general idea of the vision for each song, despite the shitty performance and recording quality of the demos. It was a single microphone, quick single take ordeal. Enjoy the vocal flubs and background noises of my apartment (I wish I could credit the last 3 seconds of Track 9 to my music, but I have no idea what the story is there). These demos do (almost) capture the essence of each song. The descriptions below elaborate on what the demos might not get across.

Track 1 | Peace of Mind

Tranquil but troubled is how I'd describe this opening track. It starts with just me. Drums, bass and strings enter on the last syllable of the first chorus, and we take off from there.

Track 2 | Shine on These Hearts

This is an upbeat, fun song with a little swing in it. Dynamically, it's all over the place, with lows, mediums, and highs throughout--but never reaching the level of the next song.

Track 3 | Refuse

This will probably the loudest and most "rock"-like song in the set.  It may be hard to tell in the demo, but the chorus will have everyone playing and singing at full strength and volume.

Track 4 | Borders

The verses in the song are defined to long, sweeping harmonies over a ringing high guitar part. The band comes in to intensify the also-vocal-heavy chorus. Heads up: The key I recorded this demo in is different than the key in the chord sheet. I've been going back and forth, but the key in the chord sheet is what we're going with.

Track 5 | Withdrawn

This song is a little tricky, but could turn out really interesting an awesome. It starts out intentionally very sparse, tying in with the lyric, and swells bigger as it goes.

Track 6 | Restore

The chorus of this songs is all about beautiful harmonies with held-out chords over a chill kick/snare rim drum beat. The verses--well, I still need to figure out what they are about. In sitting down to record the demos, I realized I don't remember the words to the verses--at all. I'm working on finding them on my old computer/trying to remember. Enjoy the gibberish I sing on the demo instead.

Track 7 | Roam

This song is also more on the full band/upbeat side. And I also have to track down some forgotten lyrics for this on my old computer.

Track 8 | Unclothe Your Mind

This song is mostly voice and guitar, until its one big anthemic chorus with falsetto-y harmonies.

Track 9 | I Make Mistakes

The set ends with this fun song, with an upbeat but chill, groovy beat and feel.


Here are resources to help you learn the songs and practice over the next month. You can download all the chord sheets together, and either download the demo tracks to put them on whatever device, or listen to the set playlist on the SoundCloud website/app.